Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Day Nail Art Ideas

The time of the year when you start planning to meet the family, worry about the things your relatives over there might ask, missing your mother's home cooked meal and being bullied by siblings is finally here. You must have started planning for the trip, taking gifts for your beloved and trying every possible measure to look fabulous. 

How about dressing up your nails in the most artistic way in the theme of Thanksgiving for the special occasion. Trust me, your relatives and family members will be left astonished with your artistic skills with these simple yet marvelous looking Thanksgiving nail art ideas!

Let's get started or shall i say, Gobble Gobble!

Water decals for perfect thanksgiving nails!

Turkey wit a hint of glitter and lots of polka dots nail art!

That pilgrim hat and belt pattern with turkey nail art!

More pilgrims and turkey please nail art!

Falling leaves for the fall season nail art!

Turkey dressed as pilgrim nail art!

Native Indians, Pilgrims, Corns and Turkey nail art!

You can also try these cutest cartoon inspired Thanksgiving themed nail art ideas!

 Minions dressed as Turkey and Pilgrims!

Snoopy dressed as Pilgrim and Native Indian with Turkey Nail art

Peanut characters for Thanksgiving nail art!

Hanukkah and Thanksgiving themed nail art with snoopy!

Hope you loved all these nail art ideas and will be trying them soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lots of Love!!!