Things only girls with too much facial hair will understand

Whether it is the social norms or standard beauty rules, all of us hate to see even a little peck of facial hair. The eyebrows have to be well trimmed and the face should be clean and smooth. But that requires a lot of hard work. 

Every girl with too much facial hair will easily understand the troubles one has to go through just to have fit into those set social norms. Yeah, I get it you have lighter skin with light hair but for girls with darker facial hair, it requires hell of a work to get that smooth look. Some things you will understand, if you are like me,

Bleach, threading, waxing, you have done it all

From starting with bleaching to waxing, you have done it all to get rid of facial hair. You have become an expert on the best facial hair removal methods.

You don’t feel the pain anymore

Since waxing gives you a last long effect on facial hair, you have just stopped feeling the pain. Getting weird looks from the parlour lady is your way of trolling people.

You have been trolled by your cousins, a lot

Not just cousins but your friends too. All of them have been trolling you, every time, every single time they see you.

You have tried and tested every makeup technique

Hiding facial hair with makeup seems a good option but as the day comes to an end, the facial hair rises back to its glory.

Home remedies just don’t work on you

From rubbing besan to honey and turmeric, you have tried pretty much every home remedy against facial hair.

You have tried going feminist on facial hair

Whether it is Frieda Kahlo or any other feminist against hair removal of any kind, they have been your inspiration. But it, just don’t last for long.

Lots of Love!!!