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12 Super Cute Fall Nail Art Designs

I feel naked without polish on my nails. I usually keep it simple by painting on a nude or a burgundy, but sometimes, I like to get all fancy and try different designs.

Thankfully, nail art is still going strong in the beauty world and so to celebrate its longevity, here are 12 super cute and easy designs to try at home for the fall season. 

1. Matte Glitter Gradiant

2. Leaves and Shimmer 

3. Funky for Fall


4. Ombre Grey 


via So Nailicious

5. Studded Outlines 


6. Matte Color Mix 


7. Golden Explosion

8. Artsy Blocks 

via Manicura.Or | Unas Pasion

9. Deco Pattern 


10. Glittery Chevron 


via Dressd up Nails

11. Lace Trim 


12. Jewel Tones 

via Ameba
Main Image Source: So Nailicious
Collage Source: 1. So Nailicious 2. So Nailicious 3. Manicura.Or | Unas Pasion

Lots of Love!!!