8 Latest Hottest Hair Colour Ideas for Indian Women

When you get bored of your regular look, changing the color of the hair can really help a lot. You feel more confidant, relaxed and enjoy the compliments coming your way. Why not make this experience triple-fold by trying the most popular hairstyle/color trends of the year.

Some are subtle while some are wild, but they sure will make you stand out out of them all!


Take the middle ground with a mix of brown and blonde with “Bronde”

Colored highlights

Instead of adding blonde highlights, why not play it up with colored highlights like this Purple Balayage ombre.

Ombre highlights in brown

Take your brown hair color to the next level with ombre highlights.

Caramel highlights

Soft subtle caramel highlights with a perfect flared haircut will make you look like a diva.

Creative highlights with colors

Instead of changing your natural color, why not add colourful streaks of darker or lighter shade to your natural hair color.

Dark chocolate brown hair

Burgundy Hair color

Rock the burgundy like a diva with Straight hair style or curl them up adding layers.

Very berry color

Take your burgundy to the next level with purplish tint making it very berry good color.

Which hair color would you like to try?

Lots of Love!!!