12 Ways To Save Any Chipped Manicure

As a nail biter, my manicures are always chipped. I'm also super impatient, so I'll spend time painting my nails, and then smudge them right away, which is lame. So I'll do anything to fix my smudges and chips. And some of these solutions are so easy that even a person as lazy as I am can fix it and look like I have my life together, which is nice. These tricks will ensure your mani always looks salon fresh! 

1. Give a chipped mani new life with some animal print. 

via Makeup 

2. If you wear gel polish, learn how to fix your chipped polish. 

3. If your polish looks lackluster, striping tape and a different color is all it takes to spice things up. 

4. If the tips are chipped, cover that mess with glitter. 

via Wink and Blush

5. When your nails grow out, cover the blank nail with glitter or half moons. 

6. When your nails chip, give them a comic book look with decals.

7. Cover a chipped manicure with crackle polish. 

8. The half-moon mani covers chips up so nicely!

9. Color block those chipped nails. 

via WeHeartIt / @AllAboutAubree

10. Splatter paint that mess. 

11. Just paint half of them, and use some tape. 

12. Just stick some nail wraps on there and call it a day.

Main image via: Pretty GossipCollage images via: 1. WeHeartIt / @AllAboutAubree 2. Work | Play | Polish 3. Wink and Blush