Join the Pokemon Go rush with Pokemon Nails: DIY

Wherever you see, there are Pokemons or people running after Pokemon. No matter what your age is, if you have came across to these cute little fellas, you will fall in love with them. Whether it is the active lifestyle promised by the Pokemon Go game or the nostalgia of the animated series seen by every 90s born kid, the craze is taking over the world!

With all this craziness going around, how can we, the nail art lovers, stay behind?

Here is a cute Pokemon inspired nail art tutorial for all of you. Try it, wear it and share it to show your love for the cute little Pokemons!

Few more interesting Pokemon nail art ideas for you all!

You gotta catchem all!

Show your Pokemon love with phone back cover and nail art!

Pikachu nail art is the most popular one of the lot!

This Pokemon nail art is adorable!

Few more Pokemon nails

There is not doubt about these animated creatures being adorable as hell. You cannot get enough of them. Japan, known for their crazy love for cute and adorable things definitly took things a notch high with Pikachu Parade they did a couple days back. Here is a sneak peek to the parade.

Do share your views on this cutest animated creature and their crazy love. 

Lots of Love!!!