Show your patriotic side with Tricolor Nails

India and Indians are known across the world for their true-found patriotic side. No matter where they are or what they do, every Indian has a special place for their country in their heart. However, we do feel extra bit of patriotic during Independence day and Republic day or whenever India wins at something. Hoisting Indian Tricolor Flag or just putting those three colors together that represent Indian flag can ignite a patriotic fire inside us. 

Seeing all this and during this time of India's 70th Independence Day, how can we, the nail art lovers can stay behind. I have put together few of my favorite Indian Tricolor Nail art ideas for you here today, so you can select any or take inspiration from to enjoy this day in a better way. 

Freehand art Indian Tricolor nail art!

Simple striped indian tricolor nail art!

Ombre Indian Tricolor nail art!

Indian Tricolor flag with stamping and ombre touch nail art!

Wavy Indian Tricolor flag nail art!

French Tips and accent nail with Indian Tricolor flag nail art 

I hope you enjoyed all these and make your Independence Day special. You can try these nail art ideas on Republic day too!

Lots of Love!!!