Revlon Matte Nail Polish Collection- Hot Matte: Review & Swatches

Hola beautiful ladies out there!

As promised, I am back with another review of Revlon Matte Nail Polish Collection. This time it is Revlon Matte Nail Polish 525- Hot Matte. 

Previously I reviewed Revlon Matte Nail Polish 529- Marine Matte out of the 3 matte polishes I bought from the collection. I am going head over heels about these matte polishes and trust me, with these this is the longest I have stayed away from nail art. They just make my nails so pretty and gorgeous to look at. I have very small nails which you can easily see in the images. While reviewing Marine Matte, I kept them a bit long but had to cut my nails since I developed zinc deficiency making my nails quite brittle. 

Shades Available

Revlon Nail Enamel in perfect matte offers an assortment of Cool Matte, Rosy Matte, Flaming Matte, Hot Matte, Sunny Matte, Coral Matte, Crimson Matte and Marine Matte.


8ml for Rs. 190

Shade 525 Hot Matte 

It is a very gorgeous hot red color. I have 2 lipstick by +ColorBar Cosmetics Hot e  and Sugar Matte as Hell Crayon Lipstick- 01 Scarlett O'Hara in similar shade with matte finish. Wearing my favorite red in matte on my nails and lips really made my day. If yout love red, you will fall for this one!


Applying Revlon Matte Nail Polish 525- Hot Matte is quite easy with the super efficient applicator brush. If you have tried +Revlon Trends nail polishes before, you can easily understand how good that applicator is. It took me 2 coats to perfect the look, but if you are using a base coat, you may skip it. It does have a good color turn out in one coat. Revlon Matte Nail Polish 525- Hot Matte can dry up very quickly so make sure to apply it in time. 

Revlon Nail Enamel are DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free. Being 3 Free, it is safe for nails but it can stain your nails so it is better that you use it after applying base coat. 

Final Verdict

  • Dries up pretty early. You might want to turn off any air flow in the room like fan to avoid it being drying before applying. 
  • Smooth matte finish comes up instantly
  • This one didn't lasted more than 3 days on my nails and so was the matte finish.
  • Apply it on base coat, to avoid staining
  • Buff nails before applying
  • Do not leave the cap open otherwise it will dry up quickly.
  • Perfect for nail art

Do try these beauties and share your experience with me. Stay posted for one more matte nail polish from the collection.