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Mermaid-Inspired Manicures, You'll Want To Dive In and Try!

Trend Alert! Get your next mani done while channelling Ariel – these Little-Mermaid-Inspired nails are trending in the beauty world (#MermaidNails). Nail-art has been in vogue for the past few years and the newest style is inspired by none other than a gorgeous mythical aquatic creature: the mermaid. So what qualities of a mermaid are trend-setting nail artisans getting their inspiration from? The possibilities are endless (and dazzling). Shells, pastels, scales, sparkles and even Ariel herself – basically if it can live under the sea it can live on your nails!
Be adventurous and try a Mermaid-Inspired manicure today; it will be sure to add some mythological dreaminess to any outfit! Who knows maybe next you’ll be dying your hair a gorgeous Ariel-inspired red like Snooki. Here are some of the most outrageous and gorgeous mermaid-inspired designs to get your creative juices flowing:

Fishtail nails!

Ariel inspired!

At the bottom of the ocean!

She sells sea shells!

The little mermaid!

Shells in the blue ocean!

Fishtail mani!

Something is fishy!

Few more mermaid inspired manicure ideas!

Hope you loved them. Share your thoughts!

Lots of Love!!!


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