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7 DIY Striped Nail Art Designs You'll Love

Whether you have an incredibly steady hand or shake when trying to paint a straight line, it's easy to do your own striped nail art. With nail tape, you can easily create stunning striped designs you'll fall in love with, from nautical to fun linear designs. You can make your designs as intricate or as simple as you like!

Here are seven DIY striped nail art designs you'll love: 


1. Half Matte-Striped Nails

Gorgeous gold tape divides the matte and glossy polishes. 

2. Big Top Party Nails

via Miss Renaissance

Love stripes but hate digging out rulers? You'll love this freehand nail art.

3. Linear Equation Manicure

via Brit + co.

Practice your math equations on your fingertips.

4. Striped Washi Nails


Use delicate washi tape to create the stunning striped effect.

5. Single Stripe Nails

via Isla Everywhere

Crisp, yet totally fun.

6. The Black Striped Nails


These nautical nails are ready to hit the high seas.

7. Accent Striped Nail

via Beautylish

Give your manicure a pop with only one striped nail.

Hope you loved all these. Do share your nail art with me on +Crazy Nailzz or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Lots of Love!!!



  1. The accent striped nail is my favorite, loving the coral colour

  2. Hi, very nice!! I love the black one :)
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    That’s amore

  3. I love the pictures !!! good Sunday !!!

  4. the last one are stunning! follow:) now waiting for U:)


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