Blobbicure: The hot new nail art trend

Nail art world is forever growing. You start practicing one nail art trying to master it. Until the day you reach perfection, hundred other nail art trends might pop up by then. Since the day, nail art trends started to bowl over every girl in the world, no matter they use polish or not, we have seen so many wonderful, beautiful and marvelous nail art ideas. 

Drop nail art or Blobbicure is one such amazing nail art trend going on these days. If you are someone who cannot draw a straight line on nails, this is just right for you. Gorgeous blobs of colors on equally beautiful nail polishes can make your nails stand out. Play with colors, be creative and this nail art trend will never disappoint you. 

Few amazing Blobbicure nail art ideas for you. 

This one is my favorite! Pink Blobbicure nail art

 Brightest bright blobbicure nail art, perfect for summers!

Colors of spring in blobbicure!

Moody blobbicure with hint of browns and greys!

Bright nail color perfect for blobbicure!

Playing with colors for blobbicure!

Let the blues take over you in this blobbicure!

Neons are great for blobbicure!

Pastel perfect blobbicure!

Elegant blobbicure... Perfect for weddings!

 Just one more blobbicure for Spring Summer!

Simple and easy blue on white!

If you wish to try this nail art, it is hell lot easier than it looks. you just have to play with your wet polish. Apply polish base of your choice i about 2 coats. Before it dries, yes, before it dries, put drops of any nail polish of your choice in any style you want on your nail. You can easily see how the polish will start merging with the base forming a fine layer. the trick is to keep the polish as wet as possible. It should end up as a smooth nail polish layer instead of blobs of color on base. 

Few easy to try tutorials for you.

Blobbicure Giraffe nails by Alps Nail art

Here is a Blobbicure nai art tutorial by Pshiit.

Here is a nail blobbicure nail art tutorial by Picture My Nails.

Hope you enjoyed it and tried a few of them, Do remember to share them with me. 

Lots of Love!!!


  1. these look gorgeous wow!!! beautiful

    1. Thanks hun... It is great to see you appreciating my work!

  2. these look gorgeous wow!!! beautiful


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