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20 Super Simple Nail Art Ideas For The Lazy Girl In All Of Us

Sometimes we want to kick up the pizzazz on our fingers but don't want to put in the effort. Okay, let's be honest, we're just too lazy really, but that doesn't need to get in the way of some stellar nail art. All it takes is a few tricks that will come easily to the the nail veterans and novices alike. Oh and btw, yes, I just used the word 'stellar.'

1. Adorable (and easy) heart designs.

via YouTube / Simple Nail Art Designs 

2. 3D decorations will make your nails look immediately professional no matter what your skill level is! So basically, zero effort needs to be involved.

via Amazon 

3. Or you could always go with old trusty nail stickers.

via Amazon 

4. Create a super simple light-to-dark effect simply by using white nail polish.

via Creating Laura 

via Creating Laura

5. A super simple polka dot design can be done with a bandaid!

via YouTube / NeoKnacks 

6. You will not believe how easy this design is to do!

via YouTube / MissJenFABULOUS 

7. Ombre made easy with acrylic paint.

via YouTube / Simple Nail Art Designs 

8. Nail tape is the lazy girl's best friend.

via Amazon

9. What an easy way to create whatever designs you want...and keep your nail art supplies organized!

via tumblr / chalkboardnails 

10. Use the serrated edge of scotch tape for a craft French tip look.

via YouTube / Meliney

11. For all the people who have made skulls their thaang...

via YouTube / Simple Nail Art Designs 

12. When it comes to removal, if you're one of those people who don't like the scrubbing, get your hands on these soak removers!

via Amazon 

13. Color blocking. One of the simplest ways to make it look like you put in a lot of effort.

via Cosmopolitan 

14. Look at this wicked dip-dye style...and it doesn't even require a sponge.

via YouTube / Simple Nail Art Designs 

15. Clear polish+glitter or confetti and look! That's all it takes.

via Target 

16. In keeping it glitzy: super simple foil nail art!

via Popsugar 

17. Pretty in pink: ombre and glitter mani!

via Cosmopolitan 

18. Isn't it great when a design allows you to get polish all over your fingers, but when it's taken off in the end, you have the coolest design ever?? Yeah, that's fan brush.

via YouTube / Simple Nail Art Designs 

19. This is beyond lazy in the best sort of way: temperature change polish. It does all the work!

via Amazon 

20. Here's ultimate laziness but it looks fantastic all the same. Straight up fake nails, why not?!

Lots of Love!!!


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