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Board Games Inspired Nail art

Nothing brings you back like digging in the closet for those old board games and desperately trying to find all the pieces. There’s so much nostalgia and love for the old classics that of course someone (try lots of people) had to find a way to put board games on their nails. From subtle hints about the game to painstakingly creating all the characters, people are bringing nail art to the Milton Bradley level.

1. Doesn't Get Easier Than This

Classic look for a classic board game. If you're wanting to show your "gaming cred" (because we all know that goes for board games too), try out some dice to get the games rolling.
via Marlee and You

2. Just Need One More Wedge

Show off a more intellectual side with this Trivial Pursuit nail art. Also, it's easier to get that one wedge you always have trouble with when you can just paint it in.
via Casa de Polish

3. The Classic Moneyroller Game

You can just see his sad face as he lands on the Income Tax space. Hopefully the nail polish can last for a whole game...
via Instagram / @marilynliv 

4. Railroads Or Utilities?

Because you can never have enough Monopoly and rarely all four railroads.
via Pinterest / Glitties Glitter

5. Brush Up On Your Spelling

Add some more tiles onto your toes and you might be able to form words, though you might look a bit odd contorting yourself into that position.
via One Nail To Rule Them All

6. Time To Get A Bit Twisted

Slip off your shoes, take a spin, and do your best imitation of a pretzel.
via tumblr / art-on-nails

7. Hit, Hit, And Sunk

A game of strategy, little white and red pegs, and a whole ton of artillery. Nothing is more depressing than having to say "You sank my battleship" when you haven't gotten a single hit so far.
via The Daily Nail

8. Don't Get Caught

Not many games let you build a trap for other players, especially one that includes a boot kicking over a marble and a man falling into a pan.
via Lacq Lustre

9. Nails For Your Whole Brain

You can perform, use random bits of data, figure out words, or use your creativity for Cranium. With all those different options, maybe this nail art can help you with one of them!
via Veronica Gorgeois

10. Checkmate

It may take as much strategy to make these look good as it does to win a game of chess.
via Instagram / @seizethenail

11. Good Enough To Eat

Elsa will have to step aside, since Queen Frostine is the ruler of this style. Mr. Mint, Princess Lolly, and Gloppy join Queen Frostine in this design, which even includes the scrumptious-looking Candyland logo.
via Lexi Martone

12. The Domino Effect

This style gets points for simplicity and a throwback to a classic game. It doesn't matter if you actually played dominoes or just tried desperately to make a huge train of them topple properly, you can enjoy these nails either way.
via Nail Polish Society

13. Try Your Luck At The Dice

Another old classic that's pretty simple to recreate on your nails. Backgammon is an oldie but a goodie, and this elegant style might just make you want to find that old board.

14. Hmmm... Can You Identify This One?

Get married, have kids, and go through a mid-life crisis, all before even coming of age. This classic board game lets you race your own little colored car from college to retirement, desperately trying to pay off loans and amass the most money by the end of the game. Apparently that's what life is all about.
via Pink & Polished

15. Up, Down, Or Diagonally

You know the struggle of trying to get four in a row, especially when your opponent blocks you at the last second. This Connect Four look has the pieces all neatly lined up, though in truth it's usually a big jumble.
via Monique's Manis

16. All The Games

Why pick one board game when you can have them all? Hungry Hungry Hippos, Sorry!, Operation, and more can all be on your nails at once.
via tumblr / lookathernails

Do Try them next time for a board game evening with your friends and family.
Lots of Love!!!


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