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24 Hilarious Nail Polish Names That Are Off The Charts Creative

The marketers for all those big companies like Apple, Kraft, and Dove can say all they want but the true marketing geniuses are those at nail polish companies. Seriously, I don't know how people think of all of these hilarious nail polish puns. They're absolutely brilliant and they're always spot on because sometimes "grass green" or "jet black" really do not do some colors justice. Read on and bask in the wit of these names. 

1. Silent Mauvie

2. ChicaGO Get A Manicure

3. How I Met Your Magenta


4. Everybody Loves Redmond

via Vanessa Jhoy Blog

5. Sagreena The Teenage Witch

via Skimmerskuggan

6. Don't Sweater It

via Polished & Perfected 

7. Grape Wall Of China

via ebay 

8. Beau Khaki

via imgur/nazG

9. Vant To Bite My Neck?

via Swatch And Learn 

10. You Cannoli Imagine

via Short 'n Chic 

11. Ebony Hates Chris

via Quixii Nails

12. Unicorn Farts

via imgur/lightninggirl12 

13. I Have A Herring Problem

via The Herring Maven 

14. Teal The Cows Come Home

via Makeup And Beauty 

15. Turquoise And Caicos


16. Don't Pretzel My Buttons


17. I Only Eat Salads

via All Things Beautiful XO 

18. Designated Driver

via Ishah x Beauty 

19. Hit The Brakes

via Just A Little Nutty 

20. Did I Dye It Too Blonde?

via Amaranth Beauty 

21. Clown Puke

via amazon 

22. Cougar Attack

via Sarcastic Sarcasms 

23. The Gold And The Beautiful

24. Sage And The City

via Willa's Shiny Tips

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