Juicy Lemon Nails Are the Perfect Summer Mani

You’re wandering through a garden of lemon trees in Sorrento, Italy. It’s mid-summer, and the sun is beaming down on you while you enjoy a cup of lemon gelatogelato al limone. Sounds divine, right? There’s something so summery and warm about lemons, which is probably why they’re the centre of this season’s most popular nail art trend.

Lemon nails, in every single shape and form they come in, are the perfect nail art to try out this summer, no matter what your nail style may be. Only into subtle accent nails? May we suggest one single lemon? Want to wear your love of lemons loud and proud? Pair the print with a neon base color underneath. Into something edgier? Try negative space lemon nail art, finished off with a matte top coat. Every single way you can wear lemon nail art, whether your style is subtle or over the top. And yes, this summery trend is here to stay.

This summer, we’re embracing lemon nail art in all its forms, because nothing screams summer like the sunny yellow fruit.

We’d also like this print as bedroom wallpaper, please and thanks.

Love the different lemon slice patterns on each finger.

Can’t choose between lemons and limes? NBD.

The bare base makes this look so cool and fresh.


We’re obsessed with the negative space work here.

Care for another pop of color in your already bright manicure?

How cute do these lemons look on hot pink nails?

The matte finish is a unique touch.

Just a couple lemons on each finger, if all-over isn’t your thing.

Written by By Souzan Michael

Do you like this refreshing tangy citrusy nail art design? Which is your summer favourite mani? Tell us everything in the comments below! C'mon, it is time to spill the LEMONS!

Lots of Love!!!