10 kinds of friends that we all have

Most of you will agree that we spend the maximum amount of time with our friends. It is almost impossible to imagine our life without them.

Skinny Friend: One who eats the most, but is still skinny.

Your friend's order: 1 pizza, 1 chocolate milkshake and one vanilla ice cream. Your order: Bhaiya thoda paani la do!!!

P J FRIEND: One who cracks P J's

He or she will crack almost 10 jokes in a day out of which only 1 will be funny. Door se dekha to kuch nahin tha, paas ake dekha to vakayi kuch nahin tha.

Embarrassing friend: One who embarrasses you in public.

This friend does not know how to behave in public. He or she will laugh loudly or sometimes even start dancing in public.

Chuddy Buddy: The childhood friend

Meri bachpan ki dost.

Flirt: He will flirt with any and every girl that passes by

I'm not flirting. I'm just being extra nice to someone who is extra attractive.

24*7 chatterbox

Yaar tujhe pata h mere saath aaj kya hua....vo Preeti h na Preeti ....yaar vo Dolly.. use to janti hogi

Bragging Friend: Mere paas bangla h, gaadi h, bank balance h!!!

Achcha, jab itna sab kuch h to aaj khaane ka bill tu hi pay kar de!!!

Kanjoos dost: Aaj bill tu bahr de, kal mai de dungi

Yaar, kal mai shopping gayi thi na... saare paise khatam ho gaye....

Fashionable friend: Who will look like a diva even when she is just out of the bed.

So what kind of friends you have? Tell me in the comments below and share this wit them!

Lots of Love!!!