How to get rid of Comedones / Acne?

Comedones are a nightmare for anyone. These little acne bombs are the notorious kind. My comedones occur on the T-zone with an extreme outbreak on the chin, and forehead. I have sensitive combination skin and I was using products meant for that. After having a slight breakout of acne caused by my mobile phone on the right-hand side cheek area, I included Mandelic acid into my routine, this was 5% Mandelic Acid by Wishtrend. I used to apply this mandelic acid prep water in my night time skin routine, but after using it for a couple of days, it started making my skin tingle with few comedones around the face.

It soon turned into a full-blown break out of comedones all around the face which were turning into acne, really painful one in next couple of weeks. Someone told me that mandelic acid tends to cause skin purging to treat acne properly and this is why your comedone problem is getting out of the hand. But even after using it for more than a month, which is the trial period of every skin purging product, nothing was getting better. So to help everyone out with their comedone acne problems, here is my journey with comedone and how I got rid of it.

What are comedones?

Comedones are the skin-coloured, small bumps (papules) frequently found on the forehead and chin of those with acne. A single lesion is a comedo. Open comedones can turn into blackheads while the closed ones look like little blisters or bumps on the skin.
  • Open comedones are blackheads; black because of surface pigment (melanin), rather than dirt
  • Closed comedones are whiteheads; the follicle is completely blocked
  • Microcomedones are so small that they are not visible to the naked eye
  • Macrocomedones are facial closed comedones that are larger than 2–3 mm in diameter
  • A giant comedo is a type of cyst in which there is a clear blackhead-like opening in the skin
  • Solar comedones are found on the cheeks and chin of older people and are thought to be due to sun damage

Comedonal acne is a pattern of acne in which most lesions are comedones. Comedonal acne most often affects the forehead and chin. Comedones arise when cells lining the sebaceous duct proliferate (cornification), and there is increased sebum production. A comedo is formed by the debris blocking the sebaceous duct and hair follicle. It is now known that comedones also involve inflammation (see causes of acne).

Treating Comedones

Get rid of all the products you are using

This is by far the most important part of the process for getting rid of the comedones. Stop using all the products that you have in the skin care routine which includes face washes. If you are aware of the product that contributed to your comedone problem, it is fantastic, if not, it is better to stop using all of them.

After treating your comedone, you can start by including them one by one, so that you can understand which product gave you the outbreak. It can be any new product or something in the old one which reacted with the new one. Give each product about 3-4 days to show results.

Use ice massage

This was a boon for me. My comedone acne was itchy and it burnt a lot with a very uncomfortable feeling. Using an ice cube to massage all over my face not only helped me in soothing it but also increased blood flow on the skin to flush out toxins. To begin ice massage, wash your face with slightly cold water, this will help in lowering down the temperature of the face and avoid giving it any shock. Now wear gloves to hold the ice cube, massaging it all over your face gently in a round motion.

Ice will help in soothing the pain, itching and burning sensation. It also increases the blood flow on your face flushing out the toxins. Also, it helps in reducing the size of the pores, adding a bright glow to your skin. You can put a few drops of tea tree oil in it as well to help with active acne and kill all those germs. to ensure that the ice cube is free of any germs, freeze filtered water in a clean ice tray and keep it separate from others of regular use. Do it 3-4 times a week.

Use a salicylic acid gel-based cleanser

Avoid using any other type of facial cleanser and include a gel-based salicylic acid cleanser in your routine.

Double cleanse your face

It is very important to clean your face properly when you develop comedones. Dirty pores lead to a comedone problem which turns into blackheads. To make sure your pores are really clean and free from all kinds of yeast, fungus and bacteria along with sebum and gunk, you need double cleansing. This is a classic Korean skincare secret where oil-based cleanser is used to take out all kinds of dirt, makeup, SPF and everything from your face. It is washable with water so you do not worry if you have oily skin. After this comes the water-based cleanser which can be gel based or foam based according to your skin type. Your face will feel clean like never before.

Exfoliation is important

Getting rid of comedones without exfoliation is impossible. However, using the right kind of exfoliant is very crucial for your skin otherwise you will end up harming the skin furthermore causing blemishes and pigmentation. Use rice flour mixed with aloe vera gel and exfoliate your skin gently. This will help in getting rid of the dead skin and everything that does not belong there without harming the skin. apart from this, you can try out the peeling jelly for chemical exfoliation. they are very gentle and exfoliate without harming the skin. For best results, exfoliate with rice flour once a week and exfoliate with peeling jelly twice a week. But remember to be gentle on the skin, exfoliating in round slow motion.

Avoid touching your face

The last step on this list is a bit difficult but very important one - Not touching the face. I know we all have that habit of touching the face every now and then while working, tugging and pulling on the skin when you are thinking about something and so on. Well, this might seem like a very innocent habit but it is one of the major reason behind your comedones or acne problems. Your hands are the house of germs touching around every single thing you come in contact and those germs are transferred to your face when you touch it. So, it is best to avoid it.

No mobile phones

Apart from this, you need to avoid using your mobile phones as well. I know it sounds absurd but mobile acne and comedone are also very problematic. The heat from your phone and the germs that are present on the phone screen are transferred on your face when you make a call and talk for a long time. So, it is best to avoid it and use headphones or earphones whatever you have for making calls. Trust me, it will help a lot!

My comedones are getting better now, a lot better than what I had a few weeks before. I hope that it will help you to make your skin feel better.

Lots of Love!!!