Nails in Living Coral | 2019’s Pantone Colour Of The Year

Dictating annually which shade will be the new millennial pink, the Pantone Colour Of The Year is the Miranda Priestly of the design world. Following last year's futuristic Ultra-Violet, 2019's hue of Living Coral, an 'animating and life-affirming shade of orange with a golden undertone', is all about our long overdue obsession with global sustainability. Namely, the coral reefs.


'We get energy from nature,' a statement from Pantone reads. 'Just as coral reefs are a source of sustenance and shelter to sea life, vibrant yet mellow Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.' Giving this lively colour an extra dose of energy, here are some fabulous Nail Art designs in Living Coral. Check them out!

Living Coral nails with 3D Acrylic


Cute Spring Nail Art with Living Coral



Gorgeous animal print nails with Living Coral


Rhinestone studded Living Coral Nails

Merlin Nails


Chromatic Living Coral Nails!


Have you tried Living Coral nail polish or nail art designs yet? What do you think about this trend?
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