Hot Nail Trends from 2018 That You Can't Miss in 2019

While 2018 may be over, there is no way we will forget all about the hot nail art trends from the past year. As the new year rolls into its second month, we are craving for something from past and thought of giving these Nail art designs from 2018 a try this year as well in 2019. We have handpicked some of our favourite nail trends from last year that will make you crave for more. Although we have some new trends to explore this year, we always an extra room for nail art. Let's get started!

Winey Wine

This burgundy pairs best with a glass of red wine (or two).

Darker Hues

A darker hue like cobalt blue or burgundy is perfect for the colder months. "It's sophisticated and flatters all nail shapes and lengths," says Truong.


Less is more, people. "Play with simple embellishments, nail tape, and negative space for subtle art that's fashion-forward," says Truong.

All Eyes on You

If you don't have the steady hand of an artist, nail stickers are always a great option.

Glitz and Glamour

"No time like New Years to go all out with disco ball nails," says Truong. If disco ball nails are a bit too much, you can always settle for a sparkly shimmer in classic silver or gold.

Seasonal Showstopper

If full glitter isn't your thing, opt for a more subtle glitter-dipped design.


A nice nude nail will never go out of style. Truong suggests going for delicate shades of beige and pink for what she calls a "feminine and classic" look.

Nude Crystal

Combine nudes with a bit of bedazzle to master two trends in one look.

Metallic and Chrome

Mix and match your polish with classic colors and metallic accents. "We'll continue to see the biggest nail trend of 2017 continue into 2018," explains Truong.


"Funky and fun nail art makes a statement," says Truong. "Try geometric shapes like circles, lines, and triangles."

Gold Foil

Gold foil makes ice cream and nail beds look extra fancy.

Deco Jam

Nails that belong in an art gallery.

I hope you loved all these nail art trends making a wave mast year. What are your favorite trends from 2018? Tell me in the comments below!

Lots of Love!!!