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If you all don't know yet, I am a major online shopaholic. the craze of getting something new every other day keeps me on my toes and butterflies in the stomach. So, again I shopped online and this time it was on Forever 21's website. Some people say that this site does not have a nice online delivery but I have shopped a couple of times from there and somehow I never faced any issues. Love it. This time I got 3 hair accessories since I am a big fan of cute stuff. Let me show them to you!

Glitter Spiral Hair Tie Set

Cost Rs. 199

These ones have always fascinated me but couldn't gather up the courage to buy these. See, I have really heavy and long hair which I feel these will not be able to handle. But I wanted to try so got this set of 3 hair ties and one of them is holographic the white one. I love how cute it is.

Striped Bow Scrunchie

Cost Rs. 149

Isn't it cute? I really liked this design and I'm already a fan of this accessory. I just don't like that it is made of polyester. It is a bit darker in reality but still cute.

Metallic Studded Bow Headwrap

Cost Rs. 249

I love how it has a wire inside to hold the shape of the bow. The fabric is polyester mixed with cotton and has little plastic dots of dark peach shade on it. It looks perfect if I let my hair down but slides down If I make a bun and wear it. but m thinking of holding it down with bobby pins for the cute bun look.

Have you tried Forever 21 hair accessories? Share your views on these with me in the comments below.

Lots of Love!!!