Lakme Color Crush Nail Art Polish Review & Swatches

Lakme has finally launched their Nail Art nail polish range for Indian nail art lovers. With a very limited shade collection, they have provided the nail art lovers with some very amazing shades and some very so so shades. So instead of trying out the entire range, I grabbed 4 pieces from the range which I really loved. Let's get started with the review!

According to the Brand

Lakme Color Crush Nail Art is a show-stopping nail art kit
  • 4 different families: Unicorn, Chrome, Circus, Glitterati
  • 30 new shades and textures
  • Choose from pearlescent Unicorn, metal finish Chrome, glitter-mixed effect with Glitterati and Circus with dazzling micro-particles
  • Shades that highlight each texture vividly

Unicorn - Dive into the gleaming watery world and get close to precious shimmering seashells

Chrome - Get chrome finish with bright colours. Mirror-like chrome finish to get the bright metal look

Circus - Spectacular colour, iridescent glitter nail effect inspired by the glittery world of the circus - dazzling glitters, multi-reflection microparticles, bright lively colour palette

Glitterati -Glitter mixed, pixelized, computer glitch inspired nail effect. Computer glitches are inspiring imageries that give birth to beautiful chaotic mosaics and blurred streaks. It creates a light changing effect on nails. This is a mix of random colour and shape glitters.

Rs. 155 for 6ml

Every nail polish in this collection has the same price. However, you can get them on discount on different online beauty websites.


They never mention ingredients!

Lakme Color Crush Nailart Shade S6

This is one of my favourite shades from the collection. It has holographic gold particles in clear liquid. there is a slight shimmer as well. If you like glitter nail polish, you can apply it on your bare nails and as a top coat too, whatever you like!

The applicator brush is also very nice and picks up glitter particles properly. The formula takes a bit time to dry down so avoid too many layers at once. Being a glitter polish, it lasted on my nails for more than 7 days so Love it!

Lakme Color Crush Nailart Shade U4

I love this shade! It is a perfect unicorn shade which will make you fall in love with it as well. With a soft lavender base, there is a holographic effect to the polish. Pigmentation is not very much. It is a bit translucent so you might need more than 2 coats. Over here I have applied 3 coats of this nail polish.

You can use it as a top coat or on bare nails. It looks gorgeous on every hand. The formula dries down in about 5 minutes so take time between coats.

Lakme Color Crush Nailart Shade U1

This is another unicorn shade which I liked. It is aqua blue shade with very slight holographic effects. It is more of a chromatic aqua blue nail polish than Unicorn polish. Gives a nice colour in 2 coats and dries down quickly.

Lakme Color Crush Nailart Shade G4

To be frank, this is not what I expected. When you see its image online, this shows as glitter nail polish in the magenta shade and not red plane non-glittery particles mixed with black round particles, which it is. Red and Black particles are suspended in clear liquid so you can definitely use it as a top coat or for creating nail art.

The formula takes time to dry down so try to avoid too many layers all at once.

So these were 4 nail polish from the Lakme Color Crush Nail Art polish collection. There are 30 nail polishes in this collection so you can try them all at your heart's content. 

Have you tried these yet? What are your thoughts on this? Tell me in the comments below which is your favourite nail polish.

Lots of Love!!!