Instant Nail Polish Remover: DIY

Are you worried about getting off that nail polish without messing rest of your nails? Is that glitter polish about to give you nightmares while taking it off? How about trying out something which is not only hassle free but can also make your nail polish love much easier. 

Instant nail polish removers available in stores can be a little expensive but they are so easy to make at home. All you need is just a small container, a sponge and your favorite nail polish remover. Follow this simple DIY video and Voila! You have your very own Instant Nail Polish Remover.

No Fuss, No Hassle!

Lots of Love!!!


  1. It's pleasure to read this post over here, I will definitely try this nail polish remover and hope it will perform much better than my last one. Cheers!


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