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12 Manicure Fails That Totally Didn't Nail It

Let's face it, most of us take one look at a gorgeous manicure and say to ourselves, "I could totally do that." Sometimes it works out, while other times, it's a monstrosity. These are nail art designs you should definitely not try at home. Here are 16 manicure fails that totally didn't nail it: 

1. Twisted Nails 

via Nails Magazine

2. Werenails

via peace love polish 

3. 53 Coats of Nail Polish 

4. Swiss Army Nails 

via Nerdy Gaga

5. Eye Opening Nails 

6. Bedazzled Nails 

via EpicFail 

7. Velvet Nails 

via stylecraze

8. Toenail Talons 

via EpicFail

9. Sea Creature Nails 

10. Duck Feet Nails? 

via AcidCow

11. Tentacle Nails 

12. Cheesy Nails 

via Celebuzz