12 Red, White & Blue 4th of July Nails

July is approaching us quickly which means it’s time to get your 4th of July nails done! I set out on Instagram to find some amazing nail art designs and these are my favorite! To follow the talented ladies just click on their usernames below.

  1. Stripes, stars, glitter, and dots done by Jordynjnl
  2. Stripes, stars, glitter, dots and firework nails done by nail_nation101
  3. Red, white, and blue firework nails done by Nailsbykristaa
  4. American flag nails done by sushiliu

  1. Red, white and blue water marbled nails done by brookie_bear_m94
  2. Red and white stripes with blue nails done by Allison
  3. Glitter stripes and stars done by brookie_bear_m94
  4. Red and blue sparkle nails done by brookie_bear_m94

  1. Do one nail blue with stars and the rest red/white stripes done by GlamMyMani
  2. Love the silver stripes and plain nail done by jillstewart77
  3. Sparkle 4th of July nails done by Heather
  4. Red, white, and blue chevron nails done by sour16
Here’s an awesome tutorial of a bald eagle in front of the American flag! Done by gimena_salvatore
Lots of Love!!!