11 Insanely Cute Things For Curvy Girls This Summer

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Meet 32-year-old fashion killer, boss, and IRL unicorn Amina Mucciolo.

Meet 32-year-old fashion killer, boss, and IRL unicorn Amina Mucciolo.
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
We’ve already raved about Mucciolo’s totally ~magical~ style, which she documents on her Instagram, @studiomucci. She also vlogs about fashion, mental health, and her incredible hair on her YouTube channel, Tasselfairy.
Since her look is totally next-level, we asked Mucciolo to share 11 shoppable summer faves with tips on why these items make her list. Here are her stylish picks, her sizes (for reference and comparison), and where you can buy them…

1. This off-the-shoulder eyelet crop top:

This off-the-shoulder eyelet crop top:
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
“Summer is all about bare shoulders,” Mucciolo told BuzzFeed. “If you’re a curvy girl that happens to be a little more modest, a great way to show some skin is an off-the-shoulder top.” Get the crop top ($88) here — size large pictured above.

2. This darling denim jumper:

This darling denim jumper:
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
“My absolute favorite skirt shape is a circle skirt and to find that in the form of overalls is so rare, especially in plus size,” she said. Get the denim jumper here ($32.99) — size 22 pictured above.

3. These super glittery kicks:

These super glittery kicks:
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
“Glitter is basically a neutral for me at this point,” Mucciolo said. “These cute little glitter sneakers can pretty much go with anything.” Get her glitter sneakers ($80)here.

4. These midi denim shorts:

These midi denim shorts:
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
“These denim shorts are a wardrobe staple because they’re the perfect length,” Mucciolo said. “I also love how they’re both soft and comfortable, but they also offer decent support.” Get the shorts ($24.99) here — size 24 pictured above.

5. This graphic tie-up tee:

This graphic tie-up tee:
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
“I love how you can tie this shirt tighter or looser and decide how much skin you want you show,” she said. Get the tee ($73) here — size large pictured above.

6. This smiley face cooler bag:

This smiley face cooler bag:
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
“This is the perfect statement bag, but the best part is that it’s insulated and doubles as a cooler,” she said. Get the cooler bag ($34) here.

7. This striped two-piece bathing suit:

This striped two-piece bathing suit:
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
“This bikini is super cute and bold, but my favorite thing about it is the fit,” Mucciolo said. “Torrid swimsuits are so comfortable and supportive that sometimes I just chill around the house in them.” Get it here ($41.10) — size 3 pictured above.

8. These oversized sunglasses:

These oversized sunglasses:
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
“These sunnies look amazing in selfies because the light bounces off the pearl iridescent frames,” she said. Get the sunglasses ($179) here or check out a similar, less expensive pair here ($19.50).

9. This polka dot party dress:

This polka dot party dress:
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
“This dress is so fun and colorful and PERFECT for twirling,” Mucciolo said. Get the dress here ($27.99) — size 22 pictured above.

10. This adorable shell phone case:

This adorable shell phone case:
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
“Every mermaid needs a shellphone!” Get the phone case — available for iPhone 6/6S — here ($38).

11. This stunning sequin dress:

This stunning sequin dress:
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
“This dress is the perfect shade of peachy iridescent pink,” she said. Get it here($157.50) — she wears a size 22.

Now get out there and ~stun~ this summer.

Now get out there and ~stun~ this summer.
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

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