Fan nail art on Crazy Nailzz Facebook page: Part 3

I always urge nail art lovers on my FB page to come forward and share their cute nail arts. No matter if you are professional artist or just a nail art lover, we all love to see new ideas pouring out. After all practice makes you perfect isn't it!

So to give a shout out to all the beautiful nail art lovers, I organised a little competition on the FB page, giving them the opportunity to be published on my blog. I know it is not that big but when my nail art was published on a website first time, I was really happy.

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So finally, after seeing lots of entries, I chose one person to be published on the blog with their cute nail art designs. Drum roll please!!!

The winner isssssss......

Poornashree N Kishore from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. She is a student and started doing nail art about 2.5 years back.Really good to see her come ahead so far. Lets check out her nails!

Cute Minions!!

Glitter glitter on my nails!!

Is it fall already??

Sunset and dolphins... aahh.. pretty!

Comic nails.. A little pow... a little boom!!

Thank you so much Poornashree for sharing your nail art with me. And congratulations for being the winner!

You all can also be published over here.. just share your nails on my Facebook page or tag me on Twitter or Instagram. #crazynailzz

Lots of Love!!!


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