Daily Care for Younger Looking Skin: My Style

How many of you spend most on anti ageing creams and serums every month?

No one wants to have saggy, wrinkled skin, no matter what is your age. Anti ageing creams might give you a younger looking skin, but it will last only if you keep on using the cream or serum. Most of the anti ageing creams work on principal of removing the upper dermal layer and speeding up the regeneration of skin cells for a fresh, bright and younger skin.

In the long term, all these chemical based anti ageing creams can do more harm to your skin than good.

How about following a daily skin care regime that helps in rejuvenating your skin and keeping it young and happy for a long time. All this, without spending a lot on the skin care, yes it is possible. You can have a flawless skin without spending a lot in terms of money as well as time.

Here is my skin care regime that keeps me going!

These are the products that I use for my skin care, chosen after years of trying every single product on my sensitive skin and finding out the best one that was successful in not giving me rashes or breakouts.

Products in my routine:

  • Everyuth Naturals Exfoliating Walnut Scrub
  • Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash
  • Lotus Herbals Rosetone Facial Skin Toner
  • Natural Bath & Body Clay Face Masque
  • Parachute 100% Coconut Oil

Scrub it!

Start your skin regime with scrub. Walnut is known for its amazing qualities for your skin hence walnut scrub is the best thing you can give to your skin care regime. Everyuth walnut scrub has a cream base made with natural organic products having walnut shell particles in it for scrubbing. Scrubbing helps in removing dead skin layer, impurities, blackheads and whiteheads, if you have any. Although it is a cream based scrub but it does not make your skin oily as others do. Use scrub that suits your skin twice or thrice a week. 

Clean it!

Face wash is the core of any facial care regime. You cannot spend a day without using this product. I have used about every face wash available in the market and it turn out only Clean & Clear along with Pond's White beauty foaming face wash suits me. You need to look for the one that suits yours.

Wash your face gently using face wash twice a day, early morning and before sleeping to get rid of any impurities. Clean & Clear leaves your skin supple and soft, removing any excess oil. Do not use soap on your face at all!

Tone it!

Skin toner is essential for your skin, tightening the pores, revitalising it, hydrating it and providing essential nourishment for natural pH balance. You can attain all this with Lotus Herbals Rosetone. It is alcohol free hence the toner hydrates your skin instead of drying it. 

I use it thrice a day on my skin. Once in the morning after washing the face, in the middle of the day and before sleeping. Follow your facial masque application with toner without a fail.

Pamper it!

Face masques help in preserving the complexion, brightening skin tone, cleansing, detoxifying and exfoliating the skin . Natural Bath & Body Clay Face Masque has French red clay which is known for its beneficial effects on skin. 

Being high in Iron Oxide, French Red clay helps in skin cell renewal, regenerating tissue and skin structure. It also helps in strengthening and firming the skin, for sun- damaged skin and to reduce broken capillaries, varicose veins, stretch marks, bruises and burns. 

Use this face masque once a week, after cleaning your face with face wash and following it with toner and moisturiser.

Moisturise it!

Using oil for moisturising? This might seem a bit odd to some but if you are aware of skin care benefits of 100% virgin coconut oil you will understand it very well. Instead of moisturisers, just a dab of coconut oil is enough for moisturising your skin after toning it. You can use coconut oil as night cream as well as makeup remover. Win-win in every way!

I got so many compliments only after two weeks of this regime. The best one was that I am getting younger with passing time. Although I am in my mid twenties only but when aunties in the streets and people in market confuse me with a college student, it feels good!

Following this skin care regime will make you fall in love with your skin just like I did!
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Lots of Love!!!


  1. My skin is sensitive too... Finding right products is always a hassle...


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