6 ways to get naturally healthy nails

Nails speak a lot about your personality and health. You can cover them up with polishes but it is good to take care of them for keeping that healthy natural shine. Here is how you can have naturally healthy nails.

Care for them

Taking care of your nails is the core essential for healthy nails. Limit professional manicure as much as possible. They use lots of chemicals and common nail tools. Switch to nail tips instead of extensions. Massage your nails with warm olive oil every night. Avoid washing hands too much or use hand gloves while working with water. Apply cuticle oil or salve on your cuticles and nails for healthy growth.

Do not cut cuticles

During manicures, we tend to cut cuticles for increasing nail base. Cuticles are the protective base layer of your nail. Cutting them exposes the nail bed, making them prone to nail infections. Just push them gently using a well-cleaned cuticle pusher.

Do not file wet nails

You may be habitual of filing nails for a perfect shape. Some of us find it easy to file right after bathing or soaking nails in water. Avoid doing this. Filing wet nails can harm them, causing chips and cracks.

Use a base coat

Never apply nail polishes without a base coat. Some nail polishes can stain your nails, making them look dirty and yellow. A good quality base coat saves them from harmful chemicals. You can try out base coat range from Sally Hansen, Essie and Konad. They also have nail energizers, strengtheners and several other options for healthy nails.

Go acetone free

Try to use acetone free removers. Acetone can make your nails and cuticles dry. It also causes yellowing of nails, making them brittle and prone to cracks with regular usage.

Eat right

Healthy diet is essential for healthy nails and skin. Do not skip your meals but make them wholesome. Include food with vitamin B and zinc in your diet. You can also try out Biotin and zinc supplements for healthier, stronger and faster growing nails.

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