8 Nail polish tricks you should know

Nail polishes are fun. You can create different looks with them, look like a fashionista and fabulous. If you believe in adding colors to your life through nail polishes, these hacks will change your life.

Use Q-tips to remove errors

Are you clumsy in applying nail polishes? Q-tips can help in bringing out the perfection. Dip the Q-tip in nail polish remover to remove any error in application.

Scotch tape for fun nail art

You can create endless patterns and designs using scotch tape. Play with colors and show off your nails

Makeup sponge for gradient effect

Do you love the gradient effect on nails? Use your makeup sponge and create various ombre or gradient nail art looks.

Cornstarch for matte nails

Matte nails are so sexy but buying a new polish just to have these is not fair. Use a pinch of cornstarch, mix it in 2 drops of nail polish and apply it on your nails. Instant matte nails!

Craft glue for flawless nails

You can craft glue to get flawless nails. Just apply it around the nail and wherever you do not want the polish. Let it dry. Once dried, apply desired coat of polish. Let the polish dry before removing the craft glue layer. You can see the tutorial for DIY peel off Polish barrier here.

White polish for brighten Colors

Apply a layer of white polish as base coat before using any colored polish. It will brighten up the color making it pop. Great for neon or sheer polishes.

Wrap your nails in cottonwraps for removing tough polishes

Getting off glitter polish is always a mess. Take it off easily by dipping cotton in nail polish remover and wrapping it around nails. Leave it for a couple of minutes. Now you can easily remove the glitter polish in one go.

Use bobby pins for easy nail art

Bobby pins are forever loved by girls. They are great for keeping hair in one place and can give you a beautiful mani too. Use bobby pins instead of dotting tools and you can create several nail art looks. Have a look at these Bobby pin nail art ideas.

I hope you liked these. Do share your nail art hacks with me!

Lots of Love!!!


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