Easy Ways to Get Salon smooth legs at home

As the summer season ends and winters approaches, booking an appointment for waxing in the salon is the last thing on our mind. Hidden under the covers and those cozy warm blankets, we don’t mind having long grown hair, here and there. What if I tell you that getting salon smooth legs is very easy and to an extent in budget for all you ladies. You can be dress ready even in winters. It is time to show off your legs in Delhi winters instead of hiding them in tights and long boots. Here you go!

Ready to use wax stripes

Waxing with hot wax can be messy especially when you are in lazy winter mood. Ready to use wax strips can save you a lot of time and hassle in the winter season. Keep your Hair dryer handy for warming them up instead of subbing between palms.

Coconut oil instead of shaving cream

If you are a shaver or epilator girl, using coconut oil instead of shaving cream can save you from a lot of hassle. It not only gives a fine shave but will also keep your skin nourished and smooth with silky moisturised touch.

Moisturise well

Winter season can be very harsh for the skin. You are unable to drink a lot of water as well as have to take hot shower. All these things can lead to dry skin. Use a good moisturiser or coconut oil to moisturise your skin in this season. Dry skin can lead to cuts and scars while shaving or waxing.

Skip piping hot bath

You might love those hot showers but for the sake of a healthy smooth skin. Please skip them. You can take bath with lukewarm water and apply loads of moisturiser immediately after bath. Hot water strips off your skin its essential natural moisture.

Avoid soap

No matter if it is made from cream of milk or honey, soaps are a complete no no in winters. Use body washes instead of soap or invest in a good handmade soap for winter season.

Exfoliate well

Exfoliation is not just for face but for legs too. Exfoliate your skin at least 3 times week and before using wax stripes, shaver or epilator. It will prevent dry marks, scars and rashes giving you silky shiny smooth legs.

Share your thoughts on this and tell me your secret for smooth legs on those lazy days...
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