6 Tricks to growing stronger, healthier nails

Nails grow naturally all by themselves, but the rate of growth can be different in different people. It can be due to genetics, diet or habits that allows some of us have long strong nails and others with chipped small ones. Here is how you can have stronger and healthier nails,

Skip the polish

I know you love your colorful friends but for the sake of having healthy and strong nails, skip the polish for few days. Nail polishes have chemicals in it and regular application can harm your nails making them yellow and prone to chipping.

Massage with extra virgin olive oil

Who doesn’t know the beauty benefits of olive oil. Along with healthy skin and hair, it can also give you healthy nails. Massage your nails daily at night with warm olive oil. It will increase the growth rate as well as make them strong.

Pamper that cuticle

Cuticles suffer a lot in manicures. Skip cutting your cuticles since it exposes the nail bed affecting the growth rate. Massage it well with cuticle oil or coconut oil or olive oil. All of them help in softening the cuticles as well as moisturize and nourish the nail bed. Healthy nails grow fast.

Go for supplements


If you are having a healthy meal daily and still your nails are not growing properly, it is time to try some supplements. Consult your physician and include biotin in your diet. It helps in healthy hair and nail growth.

Skip artificial nails

People with short nails love to wear artificial nails. They look pretty good but when it is time to remove them after few weeks, it can harm your nails pretty badly. Avoid wearing artificial nails on regular basis.

Use nail strengthener base coat

Nail strengtheners are special formulations that help in making your nails happy and strong. You can use them as base coat before applying any nail polish or just a protecting layer for nude nails. Try out the Sally Hansen range if you are looking for good quality strengtheners.

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