Pink nail art with studs: DIY

Do you love easy to do nail art?

Here it a very easy nail art which you can do for a romantic date or whenever you feel like doing. Nail art does not need any special occasion just a couple of polishes and an inspiration.

I hope this will inspire you!

Things you need

Zoya Shelby
Zoya Livingston
Top coat and base coat
Two way nail art pen in white
Black studs


Apply base coat to protect your nails. Once it dries, apply two coats of Zoya Shelby Nail polish and let it dry.
Use two way nail art pen if you do not have dotting tools and make polka dots on the nail.
Use a small nail art brush and apply Zoya Livingston polish in half moon style.
Once it dries, apply Top coat to seal the polishes. Now, while the top coat is wet, put black studs or any other colored studs in half moon style, over lining red polish.
Let the nail art dry!

You are all set with an attractive yet easy to do nail art. 

Have a look at the video of this nail art before starting it!
Lots of Love!!!