DIY- Gray Nails with silver details

After watching Fifty shades of Grey, I sort of became obsessed with gray color. Got myself a couple of gray nail paints from the OPI collection, gray t-shirts and shorts and also did this cute gray nail art. It is rather easy for every nail art lover, even if you are not an expert in it. Check it out and tell me how you liked it?

Things you will need

Faces Gray Matter nail polish
Maybelline Glitter mania Dazzling Diva polish
Maybelline Clear top coat

If you have any other nail polish in gray color, silver or top coat, you can use it as well, just make sure your silver polish has dense glitter particles.


Start as usual by applying base coat on your nails. If you do not have base coat, use the top coat as base.
Once it dries up, apply two coats of Faces gray matter nail polish on all fingers except your ring finger and let it dry.
Apply Maybelline Glitter mania Dazzling Diva polish on your ring finger. Two coats are just fine for that perfect sand gradient look.
Now once the gray polish has dried up, use the dazzling diva applicator and apply glitter polish start from your cuticles and coming up in strokes.

Do not take too much polish in applicator but little and use the edges of applicator for strokes.
Once it dries up, apply top coat, leaving your ring finger to set the polish.

Isn’t it pretty easy to do?

Try this nail art and show it to me on Crazy nailzz or my twitter page.

Lots of Love!!!