DIY- Printed Paper Hearts Nail art

 I knew you would love that DIY Tie Dye nail art in GIF form so here is another one for you!
We love printing cute things and sticking them around our office desk or house. How about printing little hearts or image of your choice and using it for nail art?

Cool right!

Here is one for you!

What you'll need: 
  • sheet of pre-sized red hearts (print it out here)
  • Essie Nail Color in Back in the Limo ($8.50,
  • a bowl of vodka or rubbing alcohol
Step one: Print out the page of hearts and cut 10 out in the shape of a pencil point. The V shape at the bottom will help you place it precisely at the base of the nail.


Step two: Apply two coats of pale pink polish. Don't let them dry completely—but they 
shouldn't smudge if you lightly touch them—or else the heart won't fully transfer.


Step three: Saturate the hearts in vodka or rubbing alcohol. Then, line up the V in the 
center at the base of the nail and press down lightly for 10 seconds. Slowly lift off the paper.


Step four: Wait for the vodka to evaporate, then, if necessary, dip your nails in water to remove 
any paper residue. Finish with a top coat.

You can try out different images in place of hearts and even colors for different looks. Do not forget to share it with us! 
Lots of Love!!!