DIY- Pink nail art with a bow on it!

Nail art is always fun to do! And I’m here with another DIY nail art for you!

Ohh that rhymed well haan!

Lolzz, I’m so genius ;)

Today’s nail art is full of pink and girly stuff so I’m pretty sure, all you girls out there will love me for this! It is a pink nail art, easy breezy one for you with a bow on it! ‘tink’

Things you will need

Colorbar Pro Pink Promise 017
Maybelline Color show Constant Candy 401
Two way nail art pen in white and black
Top coat of your choice

You can always play with colors, use colors of your own choice or nail polish brands available to you so no restriction on that ok! We are artists and we are crazy as well so we can do whatever we wish to.

You Go girl!

Back to nail art!


Apply base coat of your choice. Let it dry and apply two coats of Colorbar Pro Pink Promise on your nails.
Once it dries, use Maybelline Color show Constant Candy and apply it diagonally on your nails. Check out the pictures for right way of doing it.
Let it dry. Now use the stripping brush from Two way nail art pen (white) and mark the border between Dark pink and light pink polish. Check the pictures.
Once it dries. Take the Two way nail art pen and make bow on the diagonal line. Now use the black nail art pen and give it a boundary and details.
Seal it with a top coat!

Isn't it easy!

Try this nail art and share it with me on Crazy nailzz or my twitter page.

Lots of Love!!!