DIY- Perfect curls instantly!

I love curly hair!

The way they bounce when i walk, it feels like I m a princess of some far far away land. But!

Yeah, there is a but and as the sound suggests, we don't like it at all.

Using hot curling irons, lots of gels and hair products is a must to have curly hair, especially when you have straight hair, just like me.

And imagine about the work and time needed every single time after washing hair to have curly hair.

How about reducing this trouble by using some hair care products, and not any curling iron to have perfect curly hair quickly without spending much time on it. I came across this DIY a couple of days back so thought of bringing it to you.

Check it out and enjoy happy healthy instant curls


I have also given this video tutorial of the same DIY so you can understand the steps better. have a look.

Do try this for having instant flawless curly hair. Do not forget to tell me how it turned out for you.

Lots of Love!!!