How to Wear a Beanie with Different Hairstyle

Wearing a beanie is not rocket science, however, rocking it with every outfit or winter look can take some practice. For all those interested in wearing the Beanie in the winter season, here is the simplest way - Just pull on the beanie, tilt it back on your head, pull the top part back and down, and tuck in your hair.

It is pretty self-explanatory. So now when you know how to wear a basic beanie, here are different ways to wear different types of beanies!

The Single Braid/Fishtail Braid

For anyone who thinks having two braids is too much, you can still rock a single braid as one of the ways to wear a beanie for your hair. To do this, style the braid anyway you want! In this photo, it’s a fishtail braid, but it’s still gorgeous and beautiful even with a beanie on!

Pigtails/ Braided pigtails Look

Lastly, if you’re into pigtails, you can still wear them with a beanie! Part your hair down the middle and have your pigtails lay on your shoulders, then, throw on that hat! You can wear your hair curly, straight, or however you wish!

The Double Braid

There’s no doubt that braids are in seeing as both girls (and guys) love braiding their hair. Even if it’s cold outside, with a nice braid, you can still have good-looking hair with a beanie on. Braid your hair in two different sections to get a “double braid” and then throw a beanie over your head! You’ll still have beautiful hair while your head remains warm!

The Side Braid

For those of you who hate wearing your hair back and prefer having it parted to the side, then this hairstyle is perfect for you! Throw on any kind of beanie while leaving your hair braided to the side, and you’ll have a simple yet gorgeous look! Everyone will be too busy paying attention to your side braid to even notice that beanie of yours!

The Wavy Hair

For those with naturally wavy hair, or that enjoy a good beach wave, then this is one of the best ways to wear a beanie for you. Part your hair in the middle, let those waves hang over your shoulders, and throw on a beanie! Such a cute and easy style!

Front Braid

For those who want to be warm but still look cute, do a front braid where it goes across your forehead, and put a beanie on top! This is one of the best ways to wear a beanie while still showing off your hair!

Relaxed Hair

For all girls with short hair out there, just let your hair down and leave it relaxed while topping it with a beanie! Wear this look in or outdoors, it will be accepted everywhere!

Slicked Back Hair

For those of you who love having your hair straight, then I present to you the slicked back look. You can straighten your hair, hairspray it, and then top it with a beanie! Super cute!

I hope you loved this post and will try all these hairstyles with your favourite beanie. Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

Lots of Love!!!