Doodle Nail Art Designs | Back To School

All of us have doodled once in a while. It was the best way to release some artistic talent when we were waiting between the classes or getting bored in the class during the lecture. Doodling our hearts out, lining them with black pens or filling it with brightest boldest hues, it was indeed relaxing. Bringing that charm to your nails, we are here with an amazing range of doodle nail art. These are cute, adorable and artistic, just like the back of your notebook. Let's have a look at these cute Doodle nail art designs for everyone!

A little Kawaii doodle nails!

Chalkboard doodle nail art!

Brand inspired doodle nail art!

Getting bored doodle nail art

Cute colourful doodle nail art!

Henna doodle nail art!

Geometric doodles nail art!

Just like that doodle nails!

The hearts and lines doodle nail art!

Notebook doodling on my nails!

Hope you loved all these doodle nail art designs and will be trying them all. The best part about it is, these are all easy. You can do them with freehand without any stencil or artistic talent. Be as creative and crazy with that acrylic paint or nail polish and you are good to go!

Lots of Love!!!