Pucker up for the Indian winters

Similar to nail paints, we have tremendous range of lip colors. Bright neons to delicate buff range, every day pink to cocktail night reds, you can have glamorous look with a single swipe on your lips.

Before picking up any lip color, make sure your lips are good for it. Winters can be hard for lips, making them dry, dull, chapped and cracked. Some lip colors such as the matte shades do not look pleasant when you have cracked lips. Here is how you can make them soft and luscious this winter

Scrub’em up

When you have dry and cracked lips, lip scrub can take away your plight. Put on some on your lips, rub them gently using a toothbrush o your fingers, and wash it off for soft plump lips. You can buy lip scrub or make it on your own. Just mix up a little sugar, olive oil, jojoba oil and strawberry essence (any essence that you like) with a little dry consistency. You can even store it too.

Moisturize now and then

Chapstick, lip balms, lip butter, lip salve or just a dab of good old Vaseline petroleum jelly, moisturize your lips using any of them. You can experiment with a number of options choosing one that keeps your lips soft and smooth for long hours. 

Maybelline lip balm, Nivea Lip butter, Burt’s bees lip balm or lip suave are some popular options.

Gloss it up

Lipsticks can dry your lips in winters, especially when they do not have moisturizing properties or are matte. Avoid it by switching to lip-glosses for the cold dry season. You can find a huge range of colorful lip-glosses these days. Just a swipe and you are good to go for several hours. Maybelline lip polish, Lakme 9 to 5 range, Revlon and L’Oreal has a pretty good range in budget.

Drink lots of liquid

Even you are not thirsty, drinking lots of water or hydrating liquids like fresh juices is mandatory. You need to keep your skin hydrant for natural glow and supple look. Since lips are sensitive, they tend to get dry very quickly wit dehydration. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in winters.

Go for moisturizing lip colors

Mac, Colorbar, Lakme, Maybelline, Revlon and Chambor are known for their moisturizing lipsticks. In winters, your lips need all the moisture you can get. Use lipsticks with hydrating properties or crème based. You can even apply a dab of lip balm or butter on your lips before swiping lipstick on them, especially for matte colors.

Have soft luscious kissable lips this winter season!

Lots of Love!!!