Celebrate Republic Day In Style: Tricolor Fashion

Republic day is around the corner and just like any other Indian enthusiast by the patriotism in the air, you must also be thinking about adding tricolor to your look on that day!

In office celebrations, society functions and other such patriotic occasions celebrated on Republic Day, Independence Day and so on, require you to show at least a little bit of patriotism. Nothing can be better than showing it in style. From fashion to nail art, here are few ideas that will help you to show patriotism and love for the country, staying in theme for the day without overdoing it!

Let's check out Tricolor Fashion for Republic Day!

Pic credits: FashionPolis

Pic Credits: FashionPolis

Fun Tricolor Nail Art Ideas!

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Pic Credits: UmaSNailart

Pic Credits: Nailcontext

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Tricolor Bangles are forever favorite!

Tricolor Makeup to make you stand out!

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Tricolor Food for the Patriotic foodies or just foodies!

Or Show your love with a little painting!

Pic Credits: Homespunaround