Paris Inspired Nail Art Ideas: Fall in Love!

Call it City of Lights or City of Love, Paris will always be our favorite city full of charm, love and artistic excellence. I love everything about this city and everything related to it as well. From charm necklaces to printed tees in Paris theme, I just cannot keep myself from getting head over heels about it. Taking inspiration from this fabulous city, I have curated these pretty Paris themed nail art ideas for all the girls out there. I hope you will enjoy these as much as I did.

With love from Paris nail art!

Cities around the world nail art!

A morning in Paris nail art!

Paris themed charm nail art!

Love in Paris stamping nail art!

Simple elegant Paris themed nail art!

Paris themed nail art!

Disneyland  Paris Nail Art!

Here is an easy to do Eiffel Tower nail art tutorial!

Hope you loved all these and will take inspiration from them!

Lots of Love!!!