Monotone Watercolor Nail Art: DIY

Watercolor nail art are very charming having their unique look. A little delicate, a little captivating and so gorgeous, watercolor nail art is as easy as difficult it seems. You just need a little practice and that's all!

You can let your imagination flow turning your nails into a canvas with a beautiful art painted all over it with watercolor nail art ideas. Let's get those imaginative juices flow with this pretty monotone water color nail art!

What you need:

  • Clear gel polish
  • White gel polish
  • Nail File
  • India Ink/ black nail polish
  • Water for India Ink/Acetone for Black Polish
  • Nail Art brushes
  • Gel Top Coat


1) Apply clear gel
2) Paint white gel
3) Scraping the surface with a file to eliminate luster
4) Dilute India ink with water
5) Draw on the nail
6) Also use undiluted solution of India ink, draw shading etc.
7) Finish coating with the top coat

Here is the tutorial video!

Hope you loved this tutorial and will try it soon too!
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Lots of Love!!!