5 signs to know if your best friend really your frenemy?

Friend is someone who we choose. Sometimes we can instantly hit off with a person, knowing them in the moment and ensuring that he or she will be with us in every path of life. But what if that friend turns into an enemy!

You share, laugh, cry and live your special moments with them, but if the best friend does not reciprocate to your emotions, it can be heart wrenching. Here is how you can find out if your best friend is actually a frenemy!

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”
― Elbert Hubbard

Talks behind your back

Friends never talk behind your back. They will fight for you, protect you and will talk for you taking your side in every situation. If your best friend goes around talking and spreading rumors about you, he is not your friend. 

Gut feeling

This is the natural instinct that protects us from bad people. You will always feel uneasy and negative around a frenemy. They will never make you feel comfortable. Trust your gut feeling, it is always right!

Is never happy for you

You got a promotion. Everyone is happy except your best friend. It might be jealousy, but true friends are never jealous of each other’s success.

Picks on anything good that comes your way

From the dress in your favorite color or those new limited range shoes, frenemy will never let you have anything good. Even if she hates that color, she will try to have it because you want it.

Takes your credit

You have put in all your hard work for getting the project done but your best friend came in swoop in all the credit for the work. Yes, it is a frenemy!