Easy Romantic Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas For Long Nails

Although Valentine's week is over, I still wanted to share these beautiful nail art designs with you. In the last post, I shared Valentine's day nails for short nails, So why leave the ones with long nails behind. Here are some simple nail art designs for long nails. They are a mix of different themes and ideas with V-day in mind. A bit of romantic touch, reds, and some classy nail art patterns. I am sure you will love these and save some for future use. Tutorials for all these are available on Facebook and Instagram.

Romantic Corset Inspired Nail art

I made this nail art inspired by corsets and baby dolls. You can create this look on your nails with Pict You stamping plate. the tutorial is live on Instagram and Facebook page.

Products used:

Elegant Rose and hearts inspired nail art

In this nail art, each nail has a different design but looks fantastic. there are Heart shaped french tips, ombre, roses, fall-in-love quotes, hearts, and many other elements.

Products used: 

Aurora Chrome Based Monochrome heart mani

In this one, I used a jelly base with a chrome finish. And applied heart patterns from Born Pretty stamping plates. If you want number, let me know. 

Products used:

Wild Love Animal print Mani

With an ombre base and a tiger stripes stamping pattern, this is quite cute. I also added a heart with tiger strips and a handwritten Wild Love quote. You can also make this nail art using a freehand style. It is quite easy.

Products used:

Aurora Chrome Base with Waves and Heart

Instead of using aurora chrome polish on the back, I wanted a serene look so used a jelly white base. On it, a white swirly wave pattern and a red heart did the magic. It looked so cute! 

Products used:

Flakies purple heart nail art

For this nail art, you need a purple base with flakies on it. It gives it a nice touch. I used Born Pretty Chameleon flakies for this. And stamping plate from Born Pretty for the hearts. 

Products used:

Ombre pink and green unicorn heart nail art

This is one of my favourite nail art looks. I created a pink and green ombre base for this one. And applied unicorn chrome powder to it. Make sure to keep the base white for the colours to pop. And use any heart pattern for the effect. 

Products used:

All the tutorials are available on my Facebook and Instagram channels. 

Lots of Love!!!