Born Pretty Liquid Aurora Chrome Powder Polish Review | Swatches

 Liquid Chrome powder is the new hot trend. They are so easy to use and give fun results. so, I got two polishes from Born Pretty to try them out and see what the whole buzz is about. 

So basically, Liquid chrome powder is chrome powder mixed in an alcohol-like base. You have to shake it well as the powder settles at the base. Shaking mixes the powder and makes it perfect for use. when you apply it to the nail, the alcohol evaporates, leaving only powder. It is quite a fun concept! Let's try them...

Buy here Aurora Liquid Powder 10ml

There are 6 shades in this range

Liquid Aurora Chrome Powder Shade AP004

This Liquid Chrome powder has a pink and orange transition in the aurora effect. It looks beautiful in white and will equally look pretty in black. 

Liquid Aurora Chrome Powder Shade AP001

This one transitions between green and pink shades. It looks really beautiful and has a mirror finish. And it is one of my favourite ones. 

How To Apply Liquid Chrome Powder?

Applying liquid chrome powder polish is much easier than regular powder chrome powder. Here are simple steps:

1. Apply base coat. You can use clear, milky, black or any shade you want. Let it dry thoroughly. If it is not dried up, the alcohol might cause smudging of the base. 

2. Now shake the liquid chrome powder properly and apply it on the nail using a brush. Once it dries up, use your fingertips to rub the chrome powder on the nail. It will help in creating a chrome finish.

3. Another way is to use a sponge or plastic surface. Apply the liquid chrome polish on this surface and allow the liquid to evaporate. Once it does, use your finger to pick up the leftover powder and apply it to the nail. It will help get a mirror-like finish. 

How is Liquid Chrome powder better than regular chrome powder?

Since the powder is mixed in liquid, you use less chrome powder. and the mirror finish becomes easy. Also, when you apply a top coat, it does not smudge the finish. It takes a few uses to understand the proper application, but once you do, it is pretty much easier than powder. Also, you do not waste product, no flyaways or spills. 

It is a must-try for everyone!

If you have any questions about it, ask me in the comments. 

Lots of Love!