Cute Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas For Short Nails

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I am back with another lovely nail art blog. And in today's blog, I have some of the cutest valentine's day nail art ideas for short nails. Yes! 

This is for all the lovely girls who either can't grow their nails long or prefer them short. Many of us face this situation. I Like my nails short and keep them like this for most of the year. And I know many girls who cannot grow their nails for professional or personal reasons. But your girl has got your back. All the nail art designs in today's blog are super easy and are done with stamping. I will also try to include their tutorials so that you can try them at home. Let's get started!

Elegant rose half-moon mani with love quotes for Valentine's day😍

This Valentine's day mani is perfect for someone who likes elegant nails. A cute love quote on the thumbnail really adds to this look. You can change the colour combination as per your liking!

Kawaii Cartoon inspired Valentine's day mani 💝

All the patterns in this nail art are inspired by the Kawaii theme and it looks super cute on short nails. You can change the colour if you like.

Cute Coffee Nail Art for Valentine's day ☕

If you are a coffee lover, you will love this one. Or better ask your Valentine for a coffee with this mani. The thumbnail is really special as I picked every word from a different plate to create this wordplay. 

Purple nail art with lace pattern and love quotes for Valentine's day💓

It is a beautifully elegant combination of lace patterns, love quotes, glitters and hearts. This nail art is perfect for short nails and can be done in any colour that you like. 

Spider gel Love Quote Red and white nail art for Valentine's day 💗

The red and white colour combination is probably my favourite for Valentine's day. And I love doing nails in this colour combination. Here I used stamping plate spider gel patterns though you can use spider gel if you can use it without any hassle. Add dots or little hearts on each thread of the spider gel pattern for this effect. 

Cute Couple Valentine's day nail art 💑

In this mani, I have added two stick figures as a couple. Each nail has a different pattern but it comes out nicely for short nails. You can use this as an inspiration for your Valentine's day nail art. 

All the tutorials and product information for these nail art designs are here,






I hope you enjoyed these and are inspired by all the ideas for your next mani. It is easy to get your nails done at home with these easy nail art ideas. Try them and show me your nails on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. 

Lots of Love!!!