Belora Paris Long Kiss Liquid Lipstick Review & Swatches

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I am back with another beauty blog and today it is time for Belora Paris Long Kiss Liquid Lipstick. Yes, Liquid lipsticks, especially matte ones are my favourite, They are easy to use and stay for hours without smudging or transferring a lot. Especially when you wear a mask, it can come in handy. Belora Paris is a certified vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand, which I love. And they have a variety of products including skincare and makeup. So, I got a bunch of them from them in PR and will review them soon here.

Note: Before we begin, I recently noticed that some websites started to copy content from my blog's feed and post the entire content as theirs. The sad part is, they never give credits and sometimes google prioritizes them over my website. So, let me know if you recognise my nails and content. Also, please save my content on your Pinterest as well. It will help me establish authenticity.

For today, let's talk about Beloral Paris Long Kiss Liquid Lipsticks.

I got three shades of Belora Paris Long Kiss Liquid Lipstick. All of them are wearable matte shades and they suit Indian skin tones very well. 

From Bottom to top, 

1. First Kiss

2. Night Out 

3. Vampire Kiss 

The cost is Rs. 499 for 2.2 ml But you can always get it at a discount online.

You can buy all these products here

Let me show you the swatches!

Night Out

Night out is a nudish pink shade. It is great as everyday wear for your office or college. It is also great for makeup looks with a bold eye look. The shade is suitable for every skin tone, however, it might pop out more on darker skin tones. So, try it before buying it in-store.  Lasting is pretty nice given you are not consuming oily food. It was super matte but it did not dry out my lips. 

First Kiss

This is my favourite shade from this range. I love this one! It is a maroon shade with pink tones. Very different colour. And it looks so pretty on me. Again, it was easy to use, matte with no itching or dryness. And lasted for almost 5-6 hours with meals in between. 

Vampire Kiss

And the last one from the range is this gorgeous wine shade. The finish was silky smooth. And the shade truly gave me Vampire vibes. It is perfect for every skin tone. 

What I don't like?

Although they don't dry out your lips too much, it does have some dryness effect. It is because of the matte effect on the lips. So, if you are someone who has dry lips, try applying some balm on them before lipstick. And if you have chipped lips, they will become prominent due to the matte effect. So, try to use some sugar scrub before putting the lipstick on. It also dries up fast to a matte. Hence you got to be fast in an application. 

What do I love?

The applicator is pretty nice. It makes applying matte lipstick easy with precision. And It is a transparent tube so you know how much of the product is left which I love. Lasting is amazing until you do not consume oily greasy food. It can last all day until you remove it with a makeup remover. It does not leave stains on the lips after removal. and it does not cause any discomfort although it is a super matte lippie. 

Here is the video tutorial!

I hope you enjoyed the review. I have a bunch more products and will review them soon over here. 

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