Colorbar Arteffects Nail Lacquer Swatches & Review | New Colorbar Nail polishes

My biggest weakness is the new nail polishes! Especially if it is from one of my favorite brands. Colorbar has been my favorite since it was first launched. I got my very first lipgloss from this brand when I was in school, yes! After the makeover, I didn't get a chance to purchase the products from this brand apart from the Colorbar nail polish remover, which is my all-time favorite and I make sure I never run out. So, I decided to treat me a little with amazing nail polishes from Colorbar's new range. They were right about it while advertising, only one is not enough and you will be confused about which one to choose! 

It is a whole range with I suppose 1000+ new shades ranging from everyday nudes, pinks, purples, blues, reds, greens, glitters, holographic unicorn nail polishes, dual-color nail polishes, peel offs, mattes and a lot more. Out of which I got 11! Let's review them!

Note: I will keep buying more and adding to this review, so make sure to check it at the bottom for new shades. 

According to the Brand

Nail it every day, with the perfect color!

Colorbar is bringing your dreams to life with the World's Largest Nail Lacquer Color Palette. Choose from an exciting selection of 19 shade families that happily dance with natural light, unleashing their inherently smooth and limitless shine. #CB1001ShadesofLove

We understand that you are the queen of your makeup collection and can never have enough nail paint, just like you can never have enough lipstick or eyeshadow. Choose from an exciting selection of 19 shade families that happily dance with natural light, unleashing their inherently smooth and limitless shine. What's your mood today? Passionate Red and Crimson. Poetic Coral, Pink, and Lilac. Intriguing Mauve and Plum. Feisty Gold. Mysterious Gray or Silver. Vibrant bursts of Orange and Yellow. Soothing Blue and Green. Timeless tones of Black and White. Pristine touches of Nude. With the 1001 Nail Lacquer Range, your beauty is as powerful as you have ever wanted it to be, for you can give into every instinct and discover why different colors speak to you in different moods.

Why is the patented Sun Genius formula different?

Firstly, the formula is unique to Colorbar and no one else can have it. This formula works in two ways. When applied on its own, this formula boasts a record wear performance (without a top coat). The lacquer provides intense glossy shine, high pigment leading to superb color payoff, and pleasant drying time. The formula is a natural genius as it also strengthens conditions and hardens weak and brittle nails. It is enriched with keratin, calcium and sweet almond oil to provide you these benefits. Now what is entirely magical about this formula is that it is a convertible. This would probably be the first transforming sun-reactive formula that you would have heard of.
  • Clean Beauty Promise: This formula does not contain these harmful ingredients which are present in other nail lacquers. It is non-carcinogenic. Promotes nail health. Safeguards nails from allergens. 100% vegetarian and 100% cruelty-free.
  • 7 Free Formula: Free from formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, and paraben.
  • Even the Keratin used inside the formula is not derived from animal sources. No animals were harmed while creating this product.


All these nail polishes are priced at Rs. 199 for 12ml


For flat 20% off on the Colorbar website.

However, some ranges by Colorbar are a bit higher. The Blue Sky nail color is of Rs. 250, which was my first Colorbar nail polish from this new look. 


I could not find the ingredients list anywhere for these nail polishes. The brand has mentioned that these polishes contain Keratin and Almond Oil. Also, the brand claims that they are 7 Free. Free from formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, and paraben.

Shades That I Got

Three more are still in the mail, taking forever to reach me due to the Nationwide Lockdown. I will update this blog once I get them!

Check out all the nail polishes

983 Pistachio

This is a neon-ish pastel shade which is simply gorgeous. I really love how this one looks on my nails. It has blue undertones. Pigmentation is really good and gives color in 2 coats. Lasts for about 4 days without chipping!

152 Blue Sky

One of the first nail polish from this range, Blue Sky shade is a gorgeous calm blue color. It looks different in sunlight so, the color is a bit different from the picture. Pigmentation is amazing and lasting too!

1412 Denim BoyFriend


This one is from the Denim range by the brand having all the blue shades of denim. This one is textured and dries up with sand-like texture. The glitters look really beautiful especially when you are out in the sun. Lasting is for 5 days and there is no chipping. Unlike glitter nail polishes, this was a no-mess while taking off too...

659 Desert Rose

A beautiful berry shade that looks different in sunlight. It sorta becomes dark in sunlight and light in shade. One of my favorite shades. You get a gorgeous dark maroonish pink color in a single coat and it becomes dark when you apply more coats. Lasting is pretty good with 5+ days. 

1363 You Can Dance

This one is from the Circus range. The bluish-green gel-like base is filled with dual-colored glitters. When you are out in the sun, these shine with different shades of gold and multicolored holographic effect. You need a few coats to get proper color so I will suggest to use it as a topcoat for creating the effect. Also, it takes a bit of time to dry but stays on the nails forever!

1299 Pepper Peach   Glitter Obsession Unicorn Dreams

I don't understand the name pepper peach. It is a unicorn holographic shade with a purple base. Very sheer nail polish so you will need 3+ coats to get the right shade on your nails. Lasting is for about 4 days.

Correction: Remember I told this name was sounding off. Its name is Unicorn Dreams, it was shown on the brand website. However, the bottle had the wrong name mentioned on the sticker hence the confusion. Even on, the name of the polish is Pepper Peach so apparently, I am not the only one confused with it. If you buy it, do tell me what name is mentioned on the nail polish bottle. 

This one looks too similar to Lakme Color Crush Nail Art polish in shade U4. You can read about it on my blog as well in this review of Color Crush.

987 Parakeet

Okay! I am in love with this shade. This is simply gorgeous and so different. I thought it might make my nails a bit yellow like most green nail polishes do, but it didn't. Very smooth creamy look on the nails and stays on for more than 4 days without chipping. 

1293 Glowing Sapphire 

I like how Colorbar has played up all their nail polishes. This one looks like a dark blue metallic nail polish on application but as soon as you step out in the sun, it shines with all the glitters milled in the formula. Gives your nail a gem-like appearance. It changes color in light, sometimes it is black, sometimes it is blue, metallic and sometimes it has so many glitters. Lasted for more than 5 days without chipping.

Fresh Grass

To be honest I don't have many green shades, especially the dark ones. This is my very first of them and I am loving it. The shade is so dark that it almost looks black when you are inside the house or in shade. However, in sunlight, the nails lit up like anything. amazingly smooth finish and dries up quickly lasting for days!


It is an oozy goozy peachy shade that I just adore. Looks a bit dark in the bottle but beautiful on the nails. the finish is gelish and has a shine to die for. Yes, I am in love!!!

It dries up pretty quickly and gives a nice smooth finish.

Pista Souffle

This is a pastel green shade that looks almost white in certain lights. The texture is sort of powdery which takes quite some time to dry up. Out of all, this is the only polish that started peeling off from the tips of nails in just a couple of days. I am not liking this one!


  • Non-yellowing formula
  • Chip resistant
  • Cruelty-free
  • Lasts for more than 4 days without top coat
  • Looks different in the sun
  • Amazing range of colors.
  • Beautiful glitters finely milled in the formula
  • 7 free formula
  • Paraben-free and non-carcinogenic
  • Contains keratin and almond oil


  • Many shades are still not available in the market. 
  • Powdery pastel shades are prone to chipping and takes time to dry
  • It might feel a bit costly
I am really loving these nail polishes and will keep on buying more from the brand. they have so many shades, but it is costly as well. I mean all these 11 polishes cost me 2200+, which seems a bit high for nail polishes. Apart from this, these are really pretty and amazing quality-wise.

If you have tried any of these, do tell me about it in the comments below!

Lots of Love!!!