L'Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Blush Palette Blushing Kiss | Review & Swatches

Being a newlywed, I am supposed to use a lot of makeup products every single day. With so many gatherings, lunches, and dinners, your makeup needs to be on-point, after all, the aunties are always there to criticize your every move. Am I right? When you apply so much of cosmetics, it can take a toll on your skin making it look dull and dry. Henceforth, I tried to choose my skincare as well as cosmetics and makeup products with great care. I love blushes and mostly try to stick to the cream blushes for their easy blendable quality and ability to stay on your skin for long. However, this time I got this one of the most popular blushes by L'Oreal, Lucent Magique Blush of Light in shade Blushing Kiss, which is a powder blush. Let's see in the review if it was able to stand by its name or not!

According to the Brand

The L'Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Blush consists of 3 gorgeous hues that merge with the original skin tone, adding a natural blush to your skin. Play with the three different shades and create a unique blend that sculpts your face perfectly. Lightweight and comfortable, this gorgeous blush makes your cheeks appear more radiant and youthful. These reflecting pigments capture and sculpt the light to give your skin the perfect glow.

Features :
  • 3 color tones give an immediate rosy, healthy glow.
  • Satin, soft texture that glides smoothly.
  • Gives a radiant glow to your cheeks.
  • Blends seamlessly onto skin.
  • Travel-friendly and equipped with a mirror.

Rs. 935 for 4.5 grams.


Ingredients are really important these days. Since the customers are getting more and more mindful and careful about the products they apply and the ingredients they contain, brands should take responsibility and print a full ingredient list on the products. If you remember my experience with the Maybelline Super Stay Foundation and Nykaa's hint that it might contain lead, being aware of the ingredients you put on your skin is so important. Even I sometimes neglect this fact just because a product is popular or known for good results, ingredients are really important to be mentioned.

The ingredient list of  L'Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Blush palette 


There are three shades available with this
01 Duchess Rose ( Rosy copperish tone)
02 Fuchsia Flush (Deep Fuchsia tone)
04 Sunset Glow ( Peach tone)
03 Blushing Kiss ( Pink Tone)

I got the 03 Blushing Kiss one with a pinkish tone in it. It has three shades, in a pink gradient. Light pink, a little darker and the darkest. It gives my skin a natural glow. You can choose any shade that matches your skin tone.

How to Use

Apply the blush on the apple of the cheeks, blending outwards. It is easily blendable and you can build the shade as per your choice using the brush.

Packaging & Texture

I really love the packaging of this blush. It comes in a rose gold palette with a mirror and a blush brush inside. It looks so cute with that rose gold color and sparkling finish. The packaging is very sleek and you can easily slip it into your handbag. The palette contains three shades in pink gradient containing the lightest shade of pink and dark and darkest one. The texture is pretty smooth and mild with shimmer milled in the formula. You get a very light feathery touch with this blush. Although the pigmentation is not much, it is buildable and you can get the desired shade. I like my blushes like this only. The brush applicator is not very amazing, but it does the job especially when you need to use it outside and don't have your favorite brush.

My Take

For me, this is a good blush. It contains three shades of pink which matches my skin tone perfectly. I generally use the lightest pink shade for highlighting purposes and the other two for blush. The darkest one is quite pigmented so just 2-3 swipes are enough to give a nice flush to your cheeks for evenings and night. For day time, I go for the lighter shades. I really like getting a variation of shades in one single palette instead of having 2-3 different blushes for different times of the day and looks.

Pigmentation is not that good, but I personally like it this way. I like blushes which I can build on my cheeks instead of the ones that give you a blast of color in just one touch. I like having control over my blushes, at least.

Lasting is pretty good with a setting spray. It can stay on you for about 12 hours, which was my last longest period with this blush. It does become a bit dark as the day passes by due to the oils secreted by skin glands. Product lasting without a setting spray is not more then a couple of hours mostly because it is a powder blush. They tend to be like that. Overall, it is a good blush for everyday use.

However, for this price, the quantity seems a bit less. I feel they could have given a little more for all three shades.


  • Nice pigmentation
  • Quite buildable
  • Great for everyday wear
  • The palette contains one highlighter shade with 2 blush shades
  • Smooth texture with fine shimmer milled into it
  • Soft-bristled brush for easy on the go use
  • It does not settle in pores
  • Really adds a glow to your makeup


  • A bit expensive
  • Does not last more than a couple of hours without setting spray

I liked everything about it but the cost of the blush with this quantity is the only downside for me. I would have liked to have a little more for this price. Overall, it is a good blush for everyday use with decent lasting.

If you have tried this one share your experience with me in the comments down below!

Lots of Love!!!