How to live healthy in Corona Lockdown quarantine?

The entire world is under lockdown looking forward to having some relief from the Corona Virus. Staying inside and safe from the virus is really important if we all want it to subside as quickly as possible. However, with the increasing panic among people and a lot of roaming out there violating the rules of lockdown and social distancing, it seems to be taking forever. In case you are inside lockdown and wondering how you will survive this quarantine and need something to keep your mind busy, here are some tips for you!

Stay Active

Although you are inside, it doesn't mean that you will be spending all these days lying down and watching web series or movies. Try to follow a healthy lifestyle while you are inside. Do some simple exercises at home, to burn those extra calories and stay fit. You can download apps to know which one are the best workouts for home. Apart from this, do a little housework as it can help in burning out fats.

Wash Your Hands Properly

Washing hands properly is crucial to avoid infection of any kind. Wash your hands with a bar of soap, any soap for that matter for at least 20 seconds before washing it away. However, try to save as much water you can while doing so.

Eat healthily

You might have a limited ration and grocery, however, you should try to eat healthily. You are not sure if this lockdown is here for 21 days or for more so stuffing your body with too much sugar, fats, and instant foods are not the right thing to do. It will not only make you gain weight but will keep your body devoid of all kinds of nourishment. At this time when you need to keep your immunity at good levels, eating properly in a balanced diet is essential. Several government agencies are providing groceries and greens, so go ahead and get some. Go for home-cooked meals as you have plenty of time now. Experiment with dishes to bring out your inner cook!

Avoid Over-Eating

Along with a balanced healthy diet, eating in the right quantity is also crucial. When you are getting bored at home, overeating is very natural. So, you need to be a bit mindful of it. Plan your entire day's meals avoiding anything out of it. Drink plenty of water as it will keep you full and hydrated. Even with snacks, you need to maintain portion control.

Don't Panic

I know this is a bad time, no matter where you are from or where do you live, but you should also try not to panic during this time. Stay focussed and think straight, avoid taking out all your funds from banks, avoid stuffing your house with grocery, try not to spread fake news or be a victim of it, trust details only from trusted sources or do a little fact check yourself, stay inside, help others, and keep yourself busy. This will help you to successfully complete all the quarantine days or self-isolation days.

Keep yourself busy

If you are getting bored and not sure how to pass all these days, continuing any favorite hobby will be of great help. Apart from this, you can also look for ways to keep yourself busy such as arranging that cupboard, cleaning your makeup brushes, decorating the house, working those plants in your house, gardening, reading books, magazines, trying out makeup tutorial, and so on. There are several things to do! If you are a small business owner, you can plan out things or try working from home if possible for you.

I hope, this was a bit helpful for you in these tough times. If you have any queries related to coronavirus, self-isolation, quarantine or anything related to it, you can ask me in the comments below. I will try to answer them with my best.

Stay Strong!
Lots of Love!!!